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Private Site

By identifying the most appropriate location, private site fundraising is a very effective way of targeting a specific geographic or demographic group. We have experience of fundraising in a wide variety of sites from shopping centres to festivals and airports and have established exclusive site licences at thousands of sites across the UK.

We help clients at every stage, making sure that:

  • We've identified the most appropriate sites for their campaign
  • All necessary permits or licences are in place
  • Fundraisers have extensive knowledge of the organisation they represent
  • Every new donor is given a welcome pack and a copy of their Direct Debit mandate
  • People are made aware of our freephone helpline

Thousands of people come into contact with a fundraising team in just one day, and because they wear distinctive clothing bearing the charity's logo, and behave in a professional and friendly manner they can significantly raise a charity's profile.

To enquire further about our private site fundraising solutions simply fill out our fundraising enquiry form.