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What are Fundraising Initiatives company registration details?

Fundraising Initiatives registered address is: Aston House, Cornwall Avenue, Finchley, London N3 1LP. Our company registration no. is 3833132 and our VAT no. is 749 0229 24.

What is face-to-face fundraising?

Face-to-face fundraising fundamentally covers three methods - House-to-House, Street and Private Sites. In each instance face-to-face fundraising brings the public and charities closer together through direct dialogue. It means that a member of the public can in effect have a one-to-one with a charity, as the fundraisers are there to promote and answer questions about the particular cause they are working on behalf of. For the charity it means that a relationship can be established and built upon from Day One of recruiting their new donor. Face-to-face fundraising as a viable and effective fundraising method is proven. Figures released for 2002 show that 690,000 new donors were recruited for charities through face-to-face.

What are the advantages for charities of using Fundraising Initiatives for their face-to-face fundraising campaigns?

There are many advantages and benefits to face-to-face fundraising:

  • It is a very cost effective method of fundraising especially when compared to other methods such as direct mail or DRTV where charities are committed from the start to high-cost upfront promotional fees with no guarantee of a return.
  • Our clients only pay a one-off fee for the donors that we successfully recruit for them - and research shows that these donors acquired though face-to-face, commit to giving to their chosen cause for an average lifetime value of 5 years. Therefore over time, ROI for your campaign is very impressive.
  • Face-to-face also enables charities to target specific geographical areas and demographics, for example fundraising at specific venues such as festivals or shows.
  • Our face-to-face solutions can be turned on and off like a tap to fit in with clients' budgets and targets. Clients' fundraising strategies and plans can often change and evolve - we have the provision to cater for this.
  • Face-to-face fundraising is a very visible form of fundraising. Our fundraisers are constantly interacting and mingling with the public, this inevitably, even if at a subconscious level, means that your cause is being regularly conveyed to and absorbed by the public.

What are the benefits to using professional fundraisers as opposed to volunteers?

A major benefit to working with an agency providing professional fundraisers, such as ourselves, is that all our fundraisers are well trained and committed individuals. They are all skilled professionals with set targets to reach for each campaign - this means that their results are monitored constantly. Unpaid volunteers are unlikely to have the same thorough training that our professional fundraisers undertake on an ongoing basis.

What are the advantages to using a face-to-face agency against setting up an in- house department?

Fundraising Initiatives has been undertaking successful face-to-face campaigns for clients for many years. You would be employing an experienced agency that is fully functional from the minute you decided to go ahead with your campaign. There would be no time lag in setting up a designated department and we have all the manpower resources and IT back up to make our relationship work smoothly and for you to achieve your required results. In addition, think of the cost implications of employing an entire fundraising field force and all the backend IT functionality including Direct Debit collection that would be incurred when setting up an in-house department. Furthermore, the flexibility we offer to start and stop a campaign depending on your targets and budgets would be hard to administer if you were employing a specific department to undertake your face-to-face campaigns.

Can any size charity undertake face-to-face fundraising?

Theoretically any charity or non-profit can undertake a face-to-face campaign. However it is normally the case that the larger the test, or the campaign, the more cost effective it is, hence why it is more common for medium to large sized organisations to utilise this fundraising method.

Who are Fundraising Initiatives?

 Fundraising Initiatives has been undertaking face-to-face fundraising on behalf of charities since the late 1990s. We are the leading provider of face-to-face donor acquisition services in the UK and now have offices in Canada, USA, Holland, Sweden, Ireland and Spain. Fundraising Initiatives is a member of Fundraising Initiatives (Holdings) Limited (FIHL) which also incorporates Premier Contact Ltd, Silver Stream Fundraising and Communications Consultancy Ltd, Workplace Giving UK Ltd and Person to Person Ltd. Together our combined expertise and skills in all areas of fundraising ensure that clients can undertake a fully integrated campaign without the hassle of using a third party. The Chairperson of FIHL is Cathy Sullivan who is a highly regarded and acknowledged professional fundraiser with over 20 years experience in the sector.

How many charities do we work with?

Because of our large field force we have no limit to the number of clients we can work with at any one time. Over the years we have worked with over 60 charities worldwide and much of our business is repeat business. Charities regularly use our services again and again - so we must be doing something right!

What type of charities do we work with?

We have the skills and training techniques to be able to work on behalf on ANY type of charity. Over the years we have worked on behalf of charities covering the whole spectrum including child welfare, medical, environmental, animal welfare, international aid and human rights to name a few. We work with national and regional UK charities as well as overseas ones. Our international operation means that our charity clients can fundraise in more than just their 'home' territory, thereby opening up whole new markets for themselves.

When carrying out a campaign, would I have to deal directly with third parties?

Fundraising Initiatives is an all-encompassing one-stop shop. From start to completion of your face-to-face campaign, including Direct Debit collection and post campaign analysis reporting, you only need to deal with one person - your account manager. All our account managers have several years' experience of working within the charitable sector, are skilled in customer care and will ensure that your campaign runs smoothly. They are always only just a phone call or email away.

Are Fundraising Initiatives' face-to-face solutions flexible?

We provide a highly flexible fundraising solution. On average a campaign takes approximately 3 months to set up. This is mainly due to allowing time to set up a Direct Debit originator number which each charity client has to do (we help all new clients with this procedure) and producing marketing materials. Once started, the campaign can be turned on and off like a tap to suit our clients' targets and budgets.

I'm interested in learning more about your services, what do I do now?

If you would like to find out how Fundraising Initiatives can increase your supporter base and boost your donor income, simply complete our fundraising enquiry form and we'll contact you shortly.