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Lottery in a box

Introducing Lottery in a Box, a new concept in lotteries brought to you by Fundraising Initiatives.

Fundraising Initiatives Ltd is an award-winning, leading provider of door to donor acquisition services working in the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Mexico, Brazil and South Africa. We work with many of the world’s best known charities and UN agencies such as UNICEF, WWF, UNHCR, Save the Children, SOS Children's Villages, Oxfam, MSF etc. as well as local NGOs.

Lottery in a Box is a single branded lottery scheme where any number of charities can participate all they need to do is decide how many new donors they wish to recruit (About LIAB). It’s a great way to recruit new donors and encourage supporter & community participation with no risk to the charity. We fully manage the programme from compliance and licencing to prizes and logistics in partnership with Rogavi, a specialist in lottery management.

Fundraising Initiatives combine all of the benefits of a new online style of lottery with the traditional marketing channels of telephone and door to door recruitment.

Although Lottery in a Box is a new product its components are tried, tested and approved!
Compliance and licencing.
• Recruitment; telephone and door to door.
     o Fundraising Initiatives have over 20 year’s experience in Face to Face donor recruitment.
• Secure online participation – no need to print tickets.
• Prize funds and distribution of finances back to the Charity.
• On-going management and logistics.

The innovation on Lottery in a Box is the combination of its components whilst allowing charities to continue to focus on their mission.

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