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Rapidata Services

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Direct Debit is a simple and efficient way to collect donations:

  • It helps charities predict and manage their revenue streams
  • There's no mail to be sorted, cheques to be handled or banking to be organised
  • Up-to-date reports can be easily created for finance, sales or marketing teams
  • It's more flexible than standing orders
  • The guarantees and safeguards that Direct Debit provides give donors complete peace of mind

However, the processing of Direct Debits can be a major drain on a charity's resources. To help clients maximise the potential of outsourcing this activity, we have partnered with Rapidata Services, a market leading, BACS approved, Direct Debit management and administration company.

To find out more about our Direct Debit management services, either visit the Rapidata Services website or complete our general enquiry form.

Visit the Rapidata website